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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mr. Cylinder and Other Notes

Below are my notes that I used to explain to my BYU freshmen figure drawing students the basics of using cylinders to express volume and how they can learn to control their use of soft and sharp lines. We started out using an armature to learn the basics of triangulation and proportion when drawing the figure (see stick figure bottom right hand corner).  Learning to use the armature is a painful, but necessary, process to help them get a basic sense of proportions that then allows them to move much more quickly and with greater sensate accuracy through the rest of the semester's content. My cylinder is a one placement/four movement notation. You angle the conte crayon to the main axis of the form and push or pull up, then softly across then sharply down/up, and finally softly across.

I like to spend a portion of each class drawing, during the final drawing session I speed up the poses from a few minutes to a final set of ten second drawings. I try to use the process I want them to understand during that time period, so you will see a Line of Action, Volumetric Placements, and final anatomical details (time allowed details, that is) in each of the drawings.

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