This blog is set up to give my students access to information relevant to the content of the classes I teach at UVU and BYU. I will be posting links to blog posts, websites, and news that will be of particular interest to them, as well as digital downloads of my syllabi and in-class handouts. I will also be posting student work and in class demos. The posts can be sorted for relevancy by the labels list on the left side. I've also integrated my Twitter account on the left hand side for quick links that aren't deserving of larger articles.

Handouts - Digital Painting

Class Schedule

 corel painter resources
speed paint assignment 1
 copy assignment 1 - 2 from each set (4 in total) due January 19th. Spend about 2 hours on each
copy assignment 2 - 2 from the set due January 31. Spend about 2 hours on each
other stuff

free digital painting demos
Adam Ford 
Goro Fujita iPad painting
Todd Harris 1
Todd Harris 2
Daniel Lieske's Youtube page 
Tom Scholes
Ryan Wood 1
Ryan Wood 2
Feng Zhu

free resources
painter-like palette for photoshop free but buggy
painter-life palette for photoshop paid but less buggy
digital life painting advice