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Monday, September 19, 2011

Speed Paint 3

Today we moved past the black and white landscapes that we've been copying into still lifes. With this series of copies I want them to do them in two tones while keeping within the one hour limit. They also selected their own images to copy, while before I gave them a selection of simple atmospheric landscapes to choose from. The limitations of the two color palette can be seen in my selection. I chose a Chardin still life that includes a green apple and some yellowish tones, but I went with a blue and an orange as my base colors, neither of which can give me those two colors. By using the value scale that Chardin has and by maintaining the temperature relationships, I can still approximate a copy that gives a similar sense as the original.

My copy is below.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Speed Paint

As part of my digital painting class this semester, we're doing one hour speed paints. The first part of the semester we are doing speed copies, later on we'll be doing more imaginative and original works. I'm priming them with black and white atmospheric simple landscapes. The set we're starting with is on the digital painting handouts page.  Today I copied "Gray November" by Bruce Crane.

Here's my copy from Painter.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Van Der Geest Demo

After introducing my students to customizing their wacom tablets and styli, they requested a demo from me.  Their first assignments in the class are to do master copies, so I selected van Dyck's "van der Geest" portrait. The first two are to be in black and white, the second set in duo tone, and the third in full color. This comes from the second set. I selected a dark blue equivalent of Blue/Cold Black and an approximation of Transparent Red Oxide. These I put up in the upper left hand corner for reference and then quickly blocked in the lights and darks and modeled the turnings. After initially setting up that palette in the corner, I primarily selected colors from the picture as I worked. The brushes and papers I used come from the sets in the Digital Painting Handouts section of the blog. While I worked I answered questions and showed off various websites from different digital painting masters. I probably should have paid closer attention to the drawing, but either way, this is where I ended up at the end of class. Click to see full size image below